How does one even start to write a post after they’ve been away for so long?

Talk about the Seahawks? BEAST MODE!!

Confess to the absurd amount of aged cheese and fine Italian cured meats and hemp water and kale chips and goat yogurt and coconut chips and seaweed snacks I consumed at the Fancy Food show? Easily enough to feed a large village!

Tell you about the long overdue kitchen remodel? NEW STOVE! NEW DISHWASHER! SHINY THINGS!

Count the cups of coffee consumed? To be honest, I stopped counting at 6,982,034!

Did my life suddenly get way more exciting? Not really. But caffeine overdose aside, I’m beyond ecstatic to reveal my brand new blog design and domain location. Check out the recipes section and “view by ingredients” to use up whatever goodies are lurking in your pantry. Or be all sustainable and “view by season” for some uber fresh eating. Or be super proper and “view by course” for your fancy schmancy dinner or boozy brunch party. Or just drool over the pictures like I do when I read food blogs.

I hope you love it as much as I do. Cheers!